Airports of Thailand PCL becomes the most expensive airport operator in the world

Airports of ThailandThe strong flow of tourists in 2017 turned the company Airports of Thailand PCL into the new most expensive airport operator in the world, leaving the Spanish Aena second. Since May, the company has recorded 75% growth, with market capitalization already exceeding 1 trillion Thai Baht or about 31 billion USD.

In December, Shares of Airports of Thailand rose by 9.2%, with stocks rising for the tenth consecutive month. In November the jump is significantly higher – 23%.

Airports of Thailand has reported continued growth in both aircraft movements and passenger traffic at six airports under its management from January to November 2017. The operators noted that all of its supervised airports, which includes Phuket International Airport, served 120,661,052 passengers, up 9.25% year-on-year. Overall, aircraft movements also increased by 5.56% to 758,664.

For the 11 calendar-year months, Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport handled 55,235,941 passenger movements, followed by Don Mueang with 34,777,785, Phuket 15,206,482 and Chiang Mai Airport 9,221,010.


This puts stocks of Airports of Thailand among the best performing in the Pacific region. During the first two sessions for 2018 on the stock market, they added another 4.4% to their value.

However, analysts expect securities to fall by about 12% over the next 12 months.

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