British airports cancel dozens of flights after heavy snow and ice

British airports snowBritish airports cancel dozens of flights after heavy snow and ice. The London’s Heathrow and Stanstead left thousands of people blocked at the terminals after cancellation of their flights. Glasgow and Edinburgh airports have warned travellers to check with their airline before leaving for the airport, due to large number of cancelled and delayed flights.

The bad weather have disrupted road and air travel in parts of the UK and left thousands of homes without energy. Thousands of people were blocked at the airport, following the cancelled flights and blocked highways.

Heathrow Airport confirmed that flights might be delayed due to weather and it’s online departure board showed several flights to Edinburgh and Brussels were cancelled.

Five scheduled flights including on Emirates and Virgin are delayed, while flights on American Airlines, Finnair, BA and Qatar Airlines are cancelled at Edinburgh airport.

Hundreds of passengers faced being stranded overnight at London Stansted Airport after wintry weather plunged swathes of the UK into a deep freeze. They faced delays and cancellations after the airport in Essex was forced to temporarily close its runway due to ice. Up to 300 passengers were left waiting at the terminal to rebook their flights. The airport confirmed that all the passengers would be provided beds and blankets, while free food and drink had been given to delayed passengers throughout the day.

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