Meet The Newest Member Of MLS Atlanta United…Welcome Spike!

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The MLS club known in their social networks shared the announcement of the signing of this canine. He was already known by the players of the squad and has been received with much affection. 

It’s official: Spike is new reinforcement for Atlanta United. It was announced through social networks and can be seen as the canine gets off the plane to join the MLS squad. But how, will a dog be a team player? 

The canine came to be the official mascot of the team throughout the year 2020 and was already received by the squad. In a very affectionate way, the players greeted the pet and a video has already been created with the greetings that can be observed in this note and on social networks.

It will not be a simple task for Atlanta United to maintain the level of demand shown from its creation to date: in each season, all titles are fought until the end by the club initially directed by Gerardo Martino.

Now, with the arrival of Spike, the air will be renewed and you will be able to think about an auspicious future together with the good energies of this canine that is already part of the daily life of Atlanta.



Source: 90Min