Pilot Records Terrifying Moment When Mysterious Object Flies At High Speed Through The Sky [VIDEO]

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A pilot recorded the moment in which an object was apparently flying near the path of the flying plane and the images are incredible.

On YouTube, a video shared recently has gone viral because of its unusual images. In them, a strange object with a cubic appearance can be seen flying through the clouds at a great speed. The Internet have spread the rare recording by different social networks and has already returned trend in countries like Mexico, Canada and the United States.

The clip was originally shared on the TikTok platform by a commercial pilot named César Murillo Pérez. This post was the first one he made on his account and the one that has the most online reach to date.

It can be seen, even at the distance from the Murillo plane, that the object is silver, cubic with the center slightly rounded. It is also seen that apparently it crosses the cloud cover over which they find themselves with an unimaginable speed.

Many of the users who witnessed the unprecedented event claimed that it was a UFO, Unidentified Flying Object. That is, of an artifact belonging to aliens.

The alleged ‘sighting’ occurred on a flight to Medellín. This caused Internet users to link it with past appearances in Costa Rica and Mexico in 2019, arguing that it is one more of a series of spacecraft that are seen more and more clearly since last year.

Others, on the other hand, disagree with that interpretation and argue that it is simply a helium balloon that would have escaped from somewhere.

This seems to be the predominant version as a Twitter user who was investigating the authenticity of the video communicated with César Murillo, the pilot author of the recording.

The pilot’s response indicated that it was nothing less than a cubic helium balloon that had remained motionless, floating just above that part of the sky.

“This is not a UFO, I think it is a balloon. In my country it is very common. During my flights I’ve seen things like that, it’s normal in the industry, ”he explained.

The user who investigated the images, @ufoofinterest, replied that the supposed speed at which the cube ‘flies’ is not really as it seems, but is an effect of the rapidity at which Murillo’s plane was flying .

Even so, the recording has raised more questions than answers and users of social networks , especially YouTube, let their imagination run. Until today, the video that spread it on the platform gathers 71 thousand likes, while in TikTok the original publication is with 11 thousand likes. What do you think?

Watch the viral Youtube video below  …


Source: La Republica