Sole survivor of a plane crash shows slight improvement

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Blanca Vaccari, mother of José Zaván, said that this Sunday her son presented a small improvement despite his delicate condition. “It was difficult for him to normalize his blood pressure, so yesterday they gave us the good news that it was regularized,” she said. It should be remembered that the young man underwent surgery at the Trauma Hospital after presenting brain edema.

The woman also expressed her gratitude to the people who showed solidarity with her and her son. “It is my strength and voice of encouragement,”she said.

She also added that the costs of supplies and medicines are being covered by the Air Force. “There are some things that we have to buy or are not available at the moment,” she said.

The mother also said that she will continue in Asunción taking care of José and that now everything “is in God’s hands.”

Sole survivor of a plane crash shows slight improvement






Source: Nanduti