British Airways Flight Breaks Supersonic Speed Records (VIDEOS)

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The race to conquer the air is more alive than ever. In 2019, an Australian airline achieved the first commercial flight with a 100% electric motor, for its part, ‘Emirates’ completed its first flight from Dubai to Mexico City with stopover in Barcelona. But now, a British Airways flight broke the supersonic speed record by reducing the flight time from New York to London from just over six hours to four hours and 56 minutes.

Actually, the new record set by British Airways was achieved thanks to a little help from nature. The flight made on February 9, 2020, aboard a Boeing 747, made its itinerary established until it entered fully under the tropical storm ” Ciara ” that was heading at the same pace as the aircraft to the United Kingdom .

The storm caused winds of 130 km / h, so the strong gusts of air propelled the British Airways plane, causing the aircraft to reach a velocity of up to 1,327 km / h, exceeding the supersonic speed that is measurable from the 235 km / h. Crazy! Of course, the plane could not have achieved it without the great skills of the pilot and flight captains.

For us, safety is more important than speed records, but our highly trained pilots used weather conditions to take passengers to London much earlier than planned, ” a British Airways spokesman told CNN. In the impressive images, you can see how the plane of several tons of weight, moves through the air as if it were a sheet of paper.

Flight Radar, an online flight tracking portal, published the story with hype and saucer: “If we’re not mistaken, BA now snatches ‘Norwegian’ the fastest subsonic crossing between New York and London .” Of course, the British airline was not the only one that arrived at its destination before. The same weather conditions led to all flights to London arriving early, however, British Airways, was the one that landed first 103 minutes ahead of schedule.

The shortest flight over the Atlantic was made in 1996 by the supersonic passenger aircraft Concorde.  The machine covered the distance from London to New York in two hours and 52 minutes. After a Concorde crashed in July 2000, flight operations on these planes were suspended in 2003. And if mastering the aircraft in the air was a triumph, seeing the terrifying images of the landing will steal a sigh:


Source: Sopitas