A Plane Gets Stuck On The Asphalt Of The Airport And Fails To Take Off

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The plane was about to take off to Amsterdam with 305 passengers, who were unharmed.

A Boeing plane of the Dutch airline TUI was maneuvering last Saturday to take off from the Bonaire airport, the island municipality of the Netherlands off the coast of Venezuela, when its landing gear was sunk on the tarmac,  local media report. The Boeing was preparing to fly to Amsterdam with 305 passengers, who were unharmed.

The incident occurred during the ‘push-back’, a procedure in which a vehicle towed the aircraft from the boarding gate to the taxiway.

Subsequently, the plane could be unblocked and, after several hours of inspections, flew to Curacao Island, where both passengers and crew remained before resuming the trip to Amsterdam the next day.

Airport director Jos Hillen said an investigation  into the incident has been opened. “It is the fourth largest airport in the Netherlands, but it still does not meet all international standards,” he said.


Source: ActualidadRT