A ‘Rebel Passenger’ Tries To Open The Plane’s Door In Full Flight (VIDEO)

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The passengers then published images of the agents who, already on the ground, struggled with the man to get him out of the aircraft.

A man travelling on American Airlines Flight 2300 tried to open the plane’s door while they were in the air . The incident occurred on Monday, March 3, on the journey from Chicago to Dallas (USA), local media report.

Faced with the unforeseen event, the pilot was forced to divert the flight and land in an emergency in the city of St. Louis, Missouri, where the man was arrested by the police. Meanwhile, other people on board helped the crew hold him.

Several users shared photos and videos of the moment when the individual was tied and detained by the authorities.

“I didn’t think I would stop in San Luis, but I guess when someone tries to open the plane’s door while it’s in the air, you’ll want to take it out! ” The passenger Amy McIntree tweeted.

Also, the passengers published images of the agents while they struggled with the man who caused the problem and removed it from the aircraft.

For its part, the airline confirmed the news to The Independent and said the flight was diverted from the planned route due to a “rebel passenger. “



Source: Actualidad RT