Strange Cloud Appears In The Sky Of Argentina And Terrifies Citizens (VIDEO)

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In social networks, a video and several images are already circulating where you can observe the phenomenon of nature that has aroused intrigue in thousands of people.

There is no doubt that one of the things that human beings should be most afraid of is nature, since its power surpasses everything understandable and from one moment to another it is capable of destroying everything it finds in its midst, step and even to the human species.

On this occasion, a video about a strange cloud that appeared in the sky of Pico Truncado in the province of Santa Cruz in Argentina went viral on social networks.

In case you thought that it was only a large and common cloud, you are wrong this cloud exceeded the limits of the understandable since in addition to being large and dark, it was at a very low height.

Due to the unusual nature of this phenomenon, countless questions began to arise, including those that could be explained scientifically and even others that went beyond common logic.

Given the doubts of internet users, they tried to give the phenomenon some explanations, however, the one that convinced the most was the one that talked about an effect called “roller”, which bears this name because the cloud takes the shape of a tube and it can be seen several kilometers away.

Scientifically, the actual name of the “roller cloud” is Volutus, a species that is defined by the International Cloud Atlas as: “Long, usually low, horizontal, isolated, tube-shaped cloud mass that often appears to rotate slowly on a horizontal axis. The rotating cloud, or volutus, is a soliton separated from other clouds and constitutes an example of wave tickling”.

And although many were surprised and even frightened by this, to some extent it is a common phenomenon, since it can be observed in certain periods in countries such as the United States, Russia and Australia.

As this type of phenomenon is not very common in countries like Argentina, surely that was the reason why it puzzled more than one citizen.

Strange Cloud Appears In The Sky Of Argentina And Terrifies Citizens

Watch the Twitter video below …


Source: Los40