They Remove Her From The Plane For Not Following Safety Measures On Flight To Cancun (VIDEO)

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The woman had taken off her mask on the plane and when the passengers wanted to call her attention, she attacked everyone.

A woman earned the title #LadyCovid by making a scene on a plane and preventing it from making its way to Cancun.

In social networks, a video went viral in which a woman, in an apparent drunken state, began to yell at the flight attendant and record her for no reason. The other passengers only saw her and asked her to sit down so they could take off.

But the woman was more annoyed with the attitude of the others that she stood up, took off her mask and began to say that everyone was worth the pandemic, just like her.

“I’m going to tell you one thing, everyone is here because of Covid is it worth it. It’s worth the same to all of us here,” said the woman who later babbled other words.

At the insistence of the passengers and the woman who did not stop complaining and recording, the airline authorities had to remove her.

It took almost ten minutes to get her off the plane and it was one of the passengers who carried her without any problem and pushed her out of there. When they managed to get it her off, everyone clapped, sat down, and started on their journey to Cancun.

Watch the viral Faebook video below …


Source: Los40