Melania Avoids Donald’s Affection As They Get Off The Presidential Plane…Again (VIDEO)

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The alleged snub of the first lady was caught on camera and went viral on the Internet.

The first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, has once again starred in an uncomfortable episode on the stairs of Air Force One, when she pulled her hand away from her husband, Donald Trump, at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, where they arrived from New Jersey.  

In videos circulating on social media, you can see how the President tries to hold his wife’s hand as they both get off the aircraft, but the first lady rejects the gesture, apparently pulling her hand away in an attempt to avoid his affection, by holding onto her wind-blown coat well, some commenters suggested. The leader of the United States of American tried again, but also without success.

It is not the first time that the presidential couple has been caught in a similar situation. The same scene occured in 2017 during a presidential visit to Tel Aviv, as well as at the Rome airport, where they arrived in the framework of the first international tour carried out by Trump as president. In the following years, the gesture was also captured on several occasions.

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Source: ActualidadRT