Spectators Were Horrified As 3 Year Old Gets Carried Into The Sky With A Kite (VIDEO)

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A girl of only 3 years staged a viral video on Facebook after being driven skyward by strong winds. The little girl got tangled in the tail of a large kite during the Hsinchu Kite Festival in Taiwan on the afternoon of Sunday, August 30.

On the second day of the International Kite Festival at Nanliao fishing port in Hsinchu, the force 7 wind took over the kite show and a girl surnamed Lin was suddenly swept away with her kite.

The girl was suspended in the air in the strong wind for at least 30 seconds, causing witnesses to scream and be horrified at a fateful ending. The girl and her parents must have been very frightened by the tense moment.

When event staff grabbed the minor and let her land safely. In the Facebook images you can see that all the people run to hug her to prevent her from falling to the ground. Fortunately, the girl only had bruises on her face and neck.

Hsinchu City Deputy Mayor Shen Huihong told the media at the event that staff at the site will have a control area when flying kites, but the strong afternoon wind caused the girl to be caught by the tail. of the long kite strip. The incident also went viral on Twitter.

The Taiwanese authority said that after being sent to the emergency room for X-ray examinations of the brain, limbs and whole body, there was no problem, but the girl’s neck was scraped by the kite.

Huihong said the Taiwanese city government will review in detail the scope of control and security regulations at the event venue, and will be held liable in case of negligence.

Mayor Lin Zhijian posted on Facebook that the Hsinchu government team expressed the deepest apologies to the parties and the general public. Hsinchu City is popularly known as “The Windy City” for its windy climate.

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Source: El Popular