She arrives at the airport wearing only a green thong bikini swimsuit (VIDEO)

A woman in a bikini at the airport created a sensation after the video where she appears was shared on networks. They stressed that at least she was wearing a Covid mask.

Airports are generally full of people from all over the world waiting to board flights for work, recreation, or any other reason.

For this reason, it is common to identify a large cultural mosaic characterized by the habits and customs of people when arriving at the airport terminals.

Sometimes passengers draw attention to themselves either for their attire, the decoration of their suitcases, and even for not complying with the measures implemented in these spaces.

Now, what caught the attention of a large part of the audience on social networks was a woman in a bikini at the airport.

The image of the woman at the airport shows her arriving at the terminal wearing only a green thong bikini swimsuit.

The recording was shared on the Instagram profile @humansofspiritairlines, where it was hinted that surely the woman must have been at a pool party at noon and a flight on Spirit Airlines at 4:00 pm

The bikini clad woman arrived at the airport with only a backpack on her back, as well as a small bag in her hand.

It should be noted that Internet users recognized that, although she was not dressed as ‘it is customary’ in an airport, at least her face mask was well placed.

Azteca Noticias reports that the woman in a bikini at the airport was captured in the United States, although it is not known which air terminal she was in, nor her identity.

For its part, Spirit Airlines said that the video where it is mentioned that the woman in a bikini at the airport would board a flight with them has not been verified.

In this way, the company that is characterized by offering low-cost flights, added that the video could be taken at any airport and in the lounge of one of the many airlines that operate in the neighbouring country to the north.

Watch the Instagram video below, where the woman in a bikini arrives at the boarding area of the airport :


With information from Azteca Noticias, Instagram @humansofspiritsairlines