Two doomsday planes spring into action after Trump tested positive for coronavirus

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A warning to America’s enemies? Two Doomsday Nuclear Planes are seen flying over Washington, DC and Oregon as Trump announces he has COVID-19 and aircraft watchers suggest it is ‘a show of force not to mess with the US.’

Two military ‘Judgment Day planes’ were seen flying along both coasts of the United States the morning that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump announced they had tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

One Boeing E-6B Mercury was seen along the east coast near Washington, DC, while the other was seen on the west coast over Oregon.

These planes often carry instructions from the National Command Authority to ballistic missile submarine fleets.

Social media was rife with theories, with many speculating that it was a warning to America’s enemies not to attack while Trump is sick and that America remains strong.

The United States Navy has 16 Mercury aircraft, which are grounded at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma and operated by Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 3.

The fleet is part of Operation Looking Glass, officially known as the Airborne Command Post, which helps communicate with US nuclear forces if ground command centers are destroyed.

According to the squad, their mission is to enable the president and secretary of defense to connect directly with US submarines, bombers and missile silos if there is a nuclear war.

Speculation abounded as to why the planes were in the air as the news circulated on social media.

In most circumstances, military aircraft turn off their transponders so they are not tracked.

However, the two E-6B Mercury jets were launched with their transponders enabled, allowing them to be publicly tracked.

The US Strategic Command told the English daily DailyMail that the timing was simply a coincidence and that the exercise had been planned in advance.

“I can confirm that these flights were pre-planned missions,” spokeswoman Karen Singer said in a statement.

“Any time for the announcement of the president is purely coincidental.”

Tim Hogan, an American open source intelligence practitioner, says it is not a mere fluke that the planes were in the air minutes before news broke that Trump was infected.

There is an E-6B Mercury on the east coast near DC. I looked because I would expect them to show up if it tests positive, ” he tweeted.

“It’s a message for the small group of adversaries with [submarine-launched ballistic missiles] and [ICBMs].”

Some on social media commented that this was simply a tour de force and that the United States is ready for nuclear war if an enemy tries to attack.

“This would be ‘routine’ whenever a nuclear power might appear weak,” tweeted Travis Allen, a cybersecurity analyst.

It doesn’t mean Armageddon is here, it’s just a show of force

Currently, for there appear to have been no other “shows of force” performed by the US military at this time.

An anonymous senior defense official also told Fox News that “there has been no change in the position of the US military” and that “the president remains the commander-in-chief.”

Trump and the First Lady tested positive after political adviser Hope Hicks was confirmed to have COVID-19.


Source: Extranotix