Descent Over Crater Of A Volcano Caught By Drone Captured Over 2,700 Meters High (VIDEO)

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The recording was made by the experienced Spanish cameraman Andrés Aguilera Morillas.

The Spanish film creator Andrés Aguilera Morillas, specialized in drone recordings, captured amazing images of the Ijen volcano in East Java (Indonesia), whose crater is more than 2,700 meters high, and he has shared them on his social networks .

In the clip you can see how the drone navigates over the volcanic caldera, descending through dense sulfur clouds emanating from the earth, until it reaches the lake of acid crater, turquoise waters, 20 kilometers wide.

The crater of this volcano is known for its rich sulfur deposits. There the miners come to collect the ore, challenging the steep roads. This element is used in the production of detergents and fertilizers.


Source: ActualidadRT