He Stands On The Wing Of A Moving Plane To Take A Selfie (VIDEO)

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Everyone knows that what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas, although this young man’s adventure only led him to jail. A man with an Icarus complex managed to circumvent the security checkpoints at McCarran airport, ran all over the runway, in one jump he managed to climb up to the wing of an Alaska Airlines plane, which was in motion, just about to take off. But, fortunately it did not happen to adults.

Of course, the shock was for the pilot of Flight 1367, who was maneuvering the aircraft towards the runway. In the absence of rear-view mirrors, by pure chance he noticed that a person was juggling to be able to sit on the edge of the wing of the Boeing 737,  so he soon notified the control tower.

Luckily for the acrobat, the plane managed to brake just in time before taking off, only for the police officers to arrive at the scene to attack the man and convince him to get off the aircraft in the same way that he was went up.

What the hell was i thinking

According to CNN, the events occurred on December 12, around one in the afternoon, giving enough time for the story to go viral. Of course, it was a bit funny to everyone, except Alaska Airlines staff, as the airline had to delay the flight for a period of more than four hours to thoroughly inspect the plane, making sure that the inopportune guest had not placed some artifact on the wing of the plane.

All for a selfie

Meanwhile, the intrepid man, whose identity was anonymous for obvious reasons, is still at the police station  realizing what he was planning to get on the plane. Fortunately, one of the travellers who was at the airport and managed to record the entire scene where a subject is seen walking on the wing of the plane and then sitting down and taking off his socks and shoes, just as the policemen approached the man.

Although the causes that encouraged him to climb onto the wing of the plane, risking his life, the safety of the passengers and the entire Las Vegas airport are still unknown . But, everything seems to indicate that all the incident was to achieve a selfie. The recommendation, ooooobvious, is that you do not try to do this.

Watch the INSANE Youtube video below …


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