12 Year-Old Boy Breaches the Security of Heathrow Airport and Gets on a British Airways Plane Without Documents

On Sunday, July 14, a 12-year-old boy managed to circumvent the security of Heathrow Airport in London, United Kingdom, and board a British Airways plane bound for Los Angeles, United States, without a ticket or boarding pass.

As reported by The Telegraph, the child was among the passengers who had to board the flight and was able to board the plane without presenting any documents .

Once inside the plane, the crew asked the boy for the boarding pass to indicate his corresponding seat, and there the crew realized that he had no ticket. The boy refused to collaborate with the crew and retire from the plane, so the police finally arrived and took him away.

According to police sources told the newspaper, the child is not an English citizen and is believed to be a national of the Netherlands. Likewise, the media reports that investigators have the theory that he arrived at the London airport as a transit passenger, although he later set himself the challenge of seeing how far he could go without being stopped.

The flight was delayed several hours, since the passengers had to leave the plane, re-present their papers and go through the security controls again.

A passenger named Rachel Richardson was commenting on Twitter what was happening while the facts unfold.

“Almost five hours since we had to leave, we have the approval, I was at Heathrow 11 hours,” she wrote.

A spokesman for the company apologized to the passengers for the delays of the flight: “the safety of our customers and the crew is always the highest priority and all those who boarded the plane were subject to security checks.”

Scotland Yard started an investigation to find out how the child was able to board the plane.

Source: Actualidad