393 people died in air accidents in the USA in 2018

Last year 393 people died in civil aviation accidents in the United States, an increase of 15% compared to the previous year, federal security officials said Thursday.

With the exception of 12, all deaths occurred in general aviation, which usually involve small private planes.

However, the figures include a woman who died after an engine exploded on a Southwest flight and broke the window by her side. It was the first death by accident on a US commercial airline since 2009.

And 12 people died in accidents involving charter flights, air taxis, air rides and medical flights.

The National Transportation Safety Board of the United States published the figures on Thursday. He did not itemize accidents by cause.

According to data from the board, so far this year 348 people have died in crashes in the United States, a pace slightly higher than in 2018.


Source: Elnuevoherald