A 300-Kilo Meteorite is up for Sale at an Auction

364 kilos of iron, nickel and sulphide, which are worth gold. The third largest meteorite found in France will be offered to collectors at an auction held in Paris Monday, October 21, with 130 other extraterrestrial objects.

We hope to reach a wider audience and not just collectors of meteorites, but people who will be sensitive to the shape of the object,” says Luc Labenne, expert and meteor harvester.

It is in Mont-Dieu (Ardennes) that the meteorite is discovered in 2010 by a gold digger. The earth would have covered it for more than a century.

It is thought that the fall occurred during a troubled period because it did not attract the attention of local residents, who were concerned about other detonations,” said Bernard Destombe, professor of SVT at the retirement, interviewed by France 3 in 2014.


Since then, the meteorite is the object of attention. This celestial object is estimated between 80 and 120 000 euros.

Watch the video down below!


Source: Francetvinfo