A Couple Was Forced to Sit in Vomit on a United Airlines Flight

It was on Sunday when Sam Trail and his wife were flying from Vancouver to return home to Houston, Texas, and claim to have had a gut wrenching experience.

According to KPRC reports, the couple said that they were forced to sit in vomit.

“The seat in front of me was covered with vomit. People were still boarding the plane so we could not move. We had our bags on our knees and we tried to avoid vomit,” said Trail.

Of course, they went to the flight attendants to explain the situation, but they were not so understanding.

“I was told, “You can call a cleaning crew, but you’re going to be the reason the flight will be delayed,” said Trail.

The flight attendant would then have stretched paper towels while waiting for someone to arrive with cleaning product and towels.

The latter would have turned round corners. The person who cleaned up would not have completely removed the vomit from the seats.

The flight was 4 hours long. Therefore, the couple spent the entire flight sitting in smelly vomit just waiting to get off the terrible flight.

Great customer service isn’t it?

United Airlines apologized for the release and contacted Sam Trail.



Source: Lesacdechips