A Giant ‘Christmas Tree’ Appears in the Sky of Sweden [VIDEO]

A Swedish Air Force aircraft that adorned the northern skies of the Scandinavian country with their traditional ‘Christmas tree’ that every year surprises users of FacebookYouTube and other popular social networks.

The ‘Försvarsmakten‘ (as it is known in Swedish) makes arrangements for some of its fighter jets to fly in a unique formation throughout the country every December as a way of spreading festive joy among the citizens.

Part of the planned exhibition was canceled this year due to bad weather conditions.

The flights were originally scheduled to take off from Stockholm and Uppsala on Tuesday morning, but that stretch was canceled due to poor visibility.

However, the weather improved enough to allow a two-hour display in the southwest of Sweden in the afternoon, departing from the city of Såtenas to that of Svenljunga.

This was only one of the scheduled flights for the remainder of December.

The moment that caused a stir on FacebookYouTube and other social networks was recorded in Gothenburg, but the description of its author showed that his mind was not focused on Christmas.

“I just saw the Google Earth cursor fly over Sweden,” he wrote in an ironic tone.



Source: Trome