A Large Fireball from an Asteroid Crosses the Sky in Southern Spain [VIDEO]

A huge ball of fire was recorded the night of September 7 through the sky in southern Spain.

The phenomenon was recorded by detectors of the South American and Meteor Network of Southwest Europe, which operate in the Astronomical Complex of La Hita (Toledo), which work within the framework of the SMART Project.

It aims to monitor the sky to study the impact of space rocks against the Earth’s atmosphere.

The event, which could be seen from more than 500 kilometers away, has been analyzed by the researcher responsible for the SMART Project, the astrophysicist José María Madiedo, of the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia.

The expert concluded that the fireball was originated by a rock from an asteroid that entered the atmosphere of the planet at about 120,000 kilometers per hour on the east of the region of Murcia.

Thanks to this enormous speed, the rock became incandescent and generated a bright fireball at an altitude of about 84 kilometers.


Source: ActualidadRT