A Majestic Aurora Emerges as a ‘Phoenix’ from Abandoned Military Base in Russia

The photograph was taken in the region of Murmansk and was chosen among more than 4,600 snapshots as one of the finalists of a prestigious contest.

The Royal Observatory of Greenwich (United Kingdom), has released  the 22 finalist photographs of the eleventh edition of the prestigious international contest ‘Photographer of Astronomy of the Year 2019’.

Among the finalist works is the work of a Russian photographer, Alexander Stepanenko, who captured a majestic aurora arboreal in the sky of the Murmansk region, in the extreme northwest of Russia, reports the Guardian newspaper. The aurora rises in the form of a bird with its wings extended over a destroyed hydroelectric power station.

For this edition, the Royal Observatory of Greenwich has received more than 4,600 images captured by photographers, both professionals and amateurs, from more than 90 countries. The winners of the different categories of the contest will be announced on September 12th. A day later an exhibition will be inaugurated at the National Maritime Museum in London, where the works of the finalists will be exhibited, as well as other photographs.

Source: Actualidad