A Mi-35 Attack Helicopter Accidentally Destroys Event Decorations During a Military Parade in Indonesia [VIDEO]

The solemn event was in commemoration of the 74th anniversary of the Armed Forces, but apparently the pilot of the aircraft did not calculate flight height well.

A Mi-35P attack helicopter ruined several decorative elements installed for a military parade in Indonesia, as well as destroyed part of the stage set up for the military orchestra.

The incident occurred on October 5 in Natuna, province of the Riau Islands, during the solemn event commemorating the 74th anniversary of the Indonesian Armed Forces.

In the middle of the parade, the helicopter flew over the place at low altitude, so that the air flow of its propellers tore off some banners and caused damage to the stage where the musicians were.

The Mi-35 is a Russian-made multipurpose attack helicopter.

This aircraft is designed to destroy armored vehicles, provide support fire to infantry units, air landing and cargo transportation both in the cabin and in the external suspension.

Watch the viral Youtube video down below!


Source: ActualidadRT