A Paratrooper hits a Lamp Post in the Middle of a Military Parade

The military parade of the national holiday in Madrid was marked Saturday by the collision of a paratrooper against a lamppost, when he would normally land in front of the king and bring the Spanish flag.

The crowd attending the parade and all the viewers who followed him live could see the shock, then the soldier’s parachute curling up on the pole.

The paratrooper was suspended for a moment on the lamppost, when he was expected to land in front of the stand where King Felipe VI, his wife Letizia and their daughters were standing, who applauded him for their support.

The soldier then dropped the great flag of the Kingdom of Spain, to be solemnly hoisted, on this “day of Hispanity” commemorating the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America in 1492.

According to the Ministry of Defense quoted by the press, this soldier – who had already made 600 parachute jumps – was not injured in the shock.

More than 150 vehicles and 4,200 soldiers, civil guards and members of the security forces participated in this land parade, while 76 aircraft flew over the Paseo de la Castellana Avenue in Madrid, according to the ministry.

The king presided over the ceremony, accompanied by the head of the outgoing socialist government, Pedro Sanchez.

The presidents of the regions were present, with the exception of Catalonia and the Basque Country, which have not participated for several years.

Watch the viral video down below!


Source: TVA & VOA