A Passenger Puts Himself in Control of a Plane Bound for Alicante so that the Flight Doesn’t Get Canceled

A flight covering the Manchester-Alicante route was going to be canceled because the pilot was missing, but Michael Bradley wanted to go on vacation and offered the company to take the reins of the device.

The flight was being delayed several hours. A failure in the French air control system meant that a large part of the crew of an EasyJet flight covering the Manchester-Alicante route did not arrive in time for takeoff.

Among them the pilot. Therefore, the company had to resort to people in reserve, according to English media. And there was Michael Bradley, with his family, prepared for nothing to stop him from going on vacation.

That is why he informed all passengers and the company itself that it was willing to take the reins of the plane and take it to its destination.

The coincidence opened up to everyone’s delight: Bradley was an EasyJet pilot and had the necessary license and documentation to fly the plane. With a shirt and jeans he put himself at the controls of the device and arrived in Alicante.

An EasyJet spokesman for local English media reported that Mr. Bradley “was rested, had had four days off and was legally authorized to take the aircraft.” In fact, the company was pleased that one of its pilots “went on vacation to Alicante from Manchester and that, for reasons beyond our responsibility, volunteered to fly the plane.”

The extraordinary event was recorded by one of the passengers. In the video Michael Bradley explains what happened: “My wife told me that the flight was going to be delayed two hours because the captain of the ship was not there, so I called EasyJet and told them I was at his disposal.”

According to him, the company hesitated a few moments and “38 seconds later” called him again to ask him, please, to fly the plane to Alicante.

The passengers received effusively the announcement that Michael himself made before entering the cockpit. “If you all agree that one of your pilots looks like this today, we are going to Alicante,” Bradley explained under the applause of everyone present.

The company again reaffirmed that “it is fully in line with regulations, since he had his license and identification with him. Safety is always our top priority.” 

Watch the situation unfold in the video posted to Facebook below.


Source:  Cadenaser