A Pilot Dies When his Plane Crashes During an Air Show in Florida

A plane crashed during an air show in Florida, the pilot dying as a result of the impact on the ground, according to Martin County Sheriff William Snyder. In the accident there were no injuries.

Snyder’s office tweeted a photo of the turboprop plane and emergency services. The plane was part of the Stuart Air Show in Stuart, Florida.

“Nothing could be done (to save the pilot),” said Snyder, who said firefighters arrived at the scene of the accident “in a few moments.”

The Federal Aviation Administration said the Grumman OV-1 Mohawk plane crashed at Witham Field around 1:15 pm last Friday.

This model is a two-seat twin-engine reconnaissance aircraft built by Grumman for the US Army. and operational during the Vietnam War.

On the Stuart Air Show Facebook page, officials wrote: “We had an incident related to one of our planes. The local and federal authorities are investigating so that we can guarantee the safety of our air show before continuing.”

Watch the video down below:


Source: Telecinco & Channel10