A Pilot of a Drone Denounced After Flying Over the Airspace of Barajas

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The Civil Guard has denounced the owner and pilot of a drone that flew, repeatedly, the controlled airspace of the Barajas airport without the relevant authorization or identification requirements that all these aircraft must have.

As reported by the Civil Command’s Madrid Command, the investigation began when the Pegaso team agents, in collaboration with AENA and Enaire, detected unauthorized flights, repeatedly, of remotely piloted aircraft in the nearby airspace. Adolfo Suárez International Airport Madrid-Barajas.

Within the framework of this device, the air police located a pilot who was flying a drone in controlled airspace without authorization and not complying with the identification requirements of the aircraft, so that after being identified, he was reported.

For this reason, the Civil Guard recalls that operations with remotely piloted aircraft intended for sports, recreational or exhibition activities, as well as recreational activities, may not be carried out in controlled airspace or in reserved areas, prohibited or restricted to the air navigation.

However, drones may be used in these areas if the operations are carried out from infrastructures destined for remotely piloted aircraft, with agreed coordination procedures.

The Air Safety Law establishes that sanctions for breaking the rules could reach up to 90,000 euros in the case of recreational operations and up to 250,000 euros in case of specialized operations, such as aerial photography.

In order to avoid aerial accidents, the Body recommends consulting the drones.enaire.es website, which provides very useful information when it comes to avoiding non-compliance with the regulations, as well as increasing the safety of everyone.



Source: Elmundo