A Pilot Writes “Stay Home” in the Middle of the Coronavirus Pandemic

A pilot used his plane to send a rather appropriate message amid the coronavirus pandemic that is raging the world.

Aboard a model DA40 Diamond aircraft, the stranger ‘drew’ the English phrase ‘Stay home’ in the sky , visible to radar systems following his air route.

The Flightradar24 portal, a flight tracker that provides real-time information on air traffic around the world, recorded the flight last week in Austria and took off in the city of Wiener Neustadt, in the northwest of the country.

It was a route of about 113 kilometers that lasted 24 minutes.

The initiative caught the attention of social networks, where for some it was contradictory due to the fact that the pilot was disobeying his own advice while flying.

However, others defended it arguing that, if it were a solo flight, it would not have violated any rule regarding the social distancing that governments encourage to reduce infections and combat the disease.



Source: ActualidadRT