A Plane Crash in New York Kills Everyone on Board, But a Dog Survives

A pilot and a passenger were killed in a small plane crash on June 8 along North Fork on Long Island, but the dog survived.

The authorities of the city of Southold went to the scene of the accident and the federal report of the Air Safety Network indicates that the type of aircraft involved was a Beechcraft A36 Bonanza.

The two people on board died, according to Southold’s supervisor Scott Russell told Long Island News 12. According to NBC New York , police identified the two people on board as Robert Mark and his girlfriend Susan Quagliano, both of Oakdale.

A farmer in the area found the dog that survived them, according to the report.

The plane flew very low before crashing into land owned by Harbes Farm, Newsday reported. Russell said the plane had problems with the engine before turning and crashing into farmland.

“This is a sad tragedy, and our thoughts and prayers are directed to the family of the passengers on the aircraft,” says the Harbes Farm statement posted on Facebook.

The plane was going to Bedford, Massachusetts and departed from MacArthur Airport, according to CBS New York.

“I was just thinking, wow, that I was really very low,” said William Wallace, a local resident who saw the incident.

“By flying as low as I was, thinking about it, I did not hear anything, so maybe his engine was already off and that’s why he was getting ready.”

The investigators said it looked as if the pilot of the plane tried to avoid populated areas or roads and aimed at a field, reported CBS New York.

The United States National Security Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating the cause of the accident.

“They will take out the bodies and bring the records to the warehouse, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the NTSB will carry out their investigation,” said Southold Town Police Department spokesman Lt. Richard Perkins. Other details about the accident have not been clarified.


Source: Lagranepoca