A Prophecy of 50 Years Ago Predicts that Extraterrestrials will Visit us This Month

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A biblical prophecy points out that extraterrestrials will visit Earth these days of July and some people have panicked.

Multiple theories have existed throughout history that augured a not too distant end where they spoke of the end of the world. But nobody has proved scientifically proven that there can be an exact date when humanity ceases to exist forever.

Since 2012 the prophecies have multiplied and the paranoiac people have believed that human beings continue to inhabit the planet. To these catastrophic things are added other conspiracy theories. Some with paranormal situations and others with extraterrestrial contacts but there is one that stands out during these years and has gone viral in social networks due to its terrifying success.

Extraterrestrials visit the earth tomorrow? prophecy of 50 years ago

Although it sounds crazy enough 50 years ago a medium named Francisco Cándido Xavier shared a sinister prophecy that could be fulfilled according to this today, others say that tomorrow but the Brazilian Xavier said that July 20 this year is when this event will happen.

Some characters like Nostradamus or Baba Vanga, Xavier has also scared humans with his prediction, and as expected, social networks have echoed this news so that no one caught him off guard.

The day July 20 is said to be the final date when beings from other planet visit the planet earth and establish contact with the human race. But the great story continues because, according to the prophet, there is an angelic community whose mission is to test humanity so that it can integrate with them.

Kenton Beshore said that according to a series of messages hidden in the Bible, the end of the world would come before the year 2021 and there would be a violent extraterrestrial invasion. This prediction is in verses of the Bible, announcing the second coming of Jesus Christ to Earth.

With enough data on the Internet, social networks have gone mad and thousands of users have already begun to discuss the possibilities and consequences of this extraterrestrial contact.


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