A Royal Air Maroc Plane Nearly Crashes on Takeoff at London Airport

A Royal Air Maroc (RAM) plane, with 139 passengers on board, avoided the worst at London airport at takeoff, which it almost missed.

This is what a report by the British Directorate of Investigations on Air Crashes reveals.

The incident occurred on February 28. According to the management report, a RAM plane that ensured the transport of 139 passengers, narrowly left the runway at London Gatwick airport while going 360 kilometres an hour, reports the Daily Mail.

It is an almost failed takeoff.

That day, the airline plane was taking off from London airport, bound for Casablanca.

The RAM pilots calculated that it would be halfway up the 3,200m runway when it would reach its rotational speed of 281km/H – the point where the aircraft’s head can lift.

The report indicates that the aircraft commander became concerned when an automatic alert did not beep to indicate that they had already reached a speed where takeoff could not be interrupted.

This late takeoff of the plane occurred 120 meters from the end of the runway alone, and the head of the plane could have been straightened 13 seconds earlier, according to the flight plan, he said.

Fortunately, there were no defects in the device and the flight management computer worked normally during the preceding and following flights.

It is likely that the pilots had not noticed the takeoff speeds in the flight management computer of the jet or that they had “accidentally suppressed them after capturing them” the report concludes.




Source: Bladi