A ‘Stowaway’ Pigeon Delays the Departure of a Plane in Moscow [VIDEO]

A flight of Aeroflot to the Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia) took off late from the airport Moscow Sheremetyevo because of the “distraction” caused by a pigeon that was trapped in the cabin of the aircraft, reported the local portal Podmoskovye Segodnya.

In the video, recorded by a witness and disseminated through social networks, you can see how the airline employees try to grab the pigeon, which flies through the cabin looking for a way out.

As indicated by one of the hostesses, it seems that the pigeon accessed the plane during the preparations for boarding.

He also clarified that there is no “specific regulation” for the crew about how to act in situations like these.

Finally, the luggage managed to get rid of the ‘intruder’ and re-prepared the plane to accommodate the passengers. The flight was delayed 20 minutes.

Watch the viral video below!


Source : ActualidadRT