A Strange Egg-Shaped Cloud Looming Over Reykjavik, Iceland [VIDEO]

When fashion designer Sigga Maija left downtown Reykjavik in the morning, she noticed the cloud and took a picture, quickly sharing it on Facebook with the question “Egg or aliens?”.

In the comments, comparisons were made with the alien ships in the Arrival movie or the giant heads of Rick & Morty, and some even doubted their authenticity.

However, UFO researcher Scott C. Waring comments that two UFOs can be seen in the photo.

These two UFOs are disguised as clouds. The nearest UFO…which is shaped like an egg hovers over some old houses.

This makes me suspect that UFOs are scanning the inhabitants to learn more about human activity.

They may even be kidnapping some people and then returning them all in a few minutes to realize what happened.

Although this phenomenon is known as “wasted time,” it can happen so quickly that time is not lacking.

According to Waring, the chances that the egg-shaped ship is kidnapping someone are extraordinarily high.

For science, clouds of this type are quite common in this part of the world, and their strange shape has a natural explanation.

Known as lenticular clouds, these formations are usually caused by great features on the Earth’s surface, such as mountains or even skyscrapers.

Such structures interrupt the flow of air and can form eddies, and when stable and moist air flows into these eddies, lenticular clouds can form.

Lenticular clouds are a fairly common phenomenon in Iceland, but most of the time these clouds are shaped like a saucer; an egg-shaped lenticular cloud, although not outside the scope of the common possibility, is certainly different.

Watch the video down below:


Source: Extranotix