A UFO Causes Panic in Southern England

Several people alerted the police this morning to the fall of an incandescent ball to the ground. Discard a plane crash.

British citizens began Sunday with a stir after a strange object fell from the sky at about 6 in the morning.

The episode caused panic on the south coast of the country and the villagers called on the authorities to investigate the mysterious sighting.

Different telephone communications alerted the British Police today that a strange car had crossed the sky and had rushed to the ground, so the authorities set up an operation to find it.

The local press explained that the police patrolled the region in search of remains that would identify the origin of the strange sighting.

In principle it was believed that it could be an air crash starring a small plane, however with the passing of the minutes the researchers leaned towards the hypothesis of a meteorite that fragmented in the sky before colliding with the earth.

Although exploration in the area continues with less intensity, Inspector John Shuttleworth said: “We are as satisfied as we can to say that this has not been a plane crash and that no one has been injured.”



Source: Losandes