A US Soccer Team Throws $10,000 at Fans From a Helicopter

Las Vegas Lights FC, a soccer team of the second division of the United States, threw $10,000 to their fans from a helicopter during the halftime of a game last Saturday.

The team pre-selected 200 of their fans to remain on the pitch while Pink Scarf, the mascot of Las Vegas Lights, threw bills of different denominations from the aircraft that flew over Chasman Field in Nevada.

This event known as cash drop, is in the process of becoming a tradition for this team, since a similar dynamic was organized last year. On that occasion, the board decided to throw 5,000 dollars.

Unfortunately for fans, last weekend his team fell 3-0 at home against El Paso Locomotive FC. Currently, Las Vegas Lights occupy the fourteenth position among the 18 teams that make up the Western Conference of the USL Championship.

Watch the scenario unfold in the video down below!


Source: Elpais