A Woman Captures a UFO on Video Flying Over a Lake in Australia

During a vacation, a woman and a companion managed to observe a strange anomaly in the sky that was flying over a lake in northern Australia.

This discovery was made by recording a video through a smartphone. What seriously caught the attention of a broad audience in a matter of a short time.

In the video you can see a large figure of dark color with a curved shape that is floating in the middle of a smoke from a fire just in the evening.

A woman captures a UFO video flying over a lake in Australia

The ship seems to sit still on the place before it suddenly disappears. It has not yet been possible to determine where the smoke came from, but it is believed that it may have been the burning of some kind of grass.

The woman was totally convinced that she had witnessed a sighting of a UFO with her son. And even then, was able to generate a theory that would revolutionize the other theories generated in a sighting.

This theory was highly criticized by science, however, other theories have been generated from it. So, the woman has been quite flattered with respect to her thinking. However, it is expected that the facts of this video will be confirmed at present.

So, it is possible to confirm this theory or, at least express the possibility that this sighting is real.

The mysterious object was not only captured on video, it was also captured in images that soon became relevant. This led to the unleashing of a controversy in social networks about the reality of images.

Therefore, it was considered that the images could be and not be true. It is for this reason that researchers of the paranormal have taken charge of analyzing each sample image and video. But, even so they have not been able to pronounce the veracity of their tests, so it will not take long for the news to be forgotten.

Source: Ufoymysterios