A Woman is Thrown Off of a Flight for Wearing a Semi-Transparent Low-Cut Blouse

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The British passenger denounces sexism after losing the flight that had to take her from Malaga to London, but the British airline EasyJet maintains that she incurred threatening attitudes against the crew.

A British woman denounces sexist treatment of the airline EasyJet after being expelled from a plane for dressing very provocatively in the eyes of the crew. The incident occurred on June 23 on a flight from Malaga (Spain) to London (United Kingdom).

Harriet Osborne, 31, wore a partially transparent lace blouse when confronted by a stewardess prior to takeoff. According to The Sun, some passengers had complained that the woman’s nipples were visible.

“He told me: ‘Oh no, move aside,’ and tried to cover me with my hands,” said Osborne, who was not wearing a bra but who was wearing a cap. “He said: ‘You’re not going to go board my plane that way, you need to put on a top,” she added.

The crew then ordered the expulsion of the female, alleging that her clothing was not appropriate given the presence of children on the flight. The passenger, a make-up artist with two children, states that she was not allowed to enter the aircraft again even after she covered her blouse with another garment.

“They escorted me away from the plane, I was in shock, it was very sexist,” denounced Osborne, detailing that he had to spend another night in the Spanish city after his vacation ended, and pay almost $ 190 for another flight.

EasyJet, on the other hand, acknowledges that the young woman ended up putting a ‘top’ on her after she was asked “politely”, but maintains that “then she proceeded to act in a disruptive way towards a member” of the crew. “We do not tolerate abusive or threatening behavior towards our staff,” they asserted from the airline.

Osborne said she felt self-conscious after being marked by her dress, assuring that she never taught her body in her daily life but that she was on vacation and decided to do it spontaneously. In social networks messages are mostly appreciated in favor of their right to dress as they want but not necessarily in an airplane.

“While I personally see [their attire] as to go out at night and not as I would choose to travel, who can tell someone what to do?” Even if it is a company policy, then he has skipped the rules, “he reflected. a Twitter user. “Some people no longer have the same standards of decency or respect, it’s all ‘I do what I want’ and anyone who dares to criticize is the wrongdoer,” added another internet user.

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