A Woman Manages to Board a Plane Without Identification or Boarding Pass

The US authorities investigate how a woman managed to pass the security checks and board a Delta company plane despite not having her identification or a boarding pass.

According to a police report collected by local media, the incident took place on Saturday morning at the Orlando International Airport (Florida), when the woman, identified as Sylvia Rictor, boarded the aircraft bound for Atlanta.

Rictor was detected when she occupied the seat of another passenger and claimed that she had no intention of moving from the place.

Before the refusal of Rictor, the passenger notified the crew members, who did not find the name of the intruder in the passenger list, so they interrogated her and asked for her documents repeatedly.

The woman indicated that she could not show her plane ticket because she had thrown it away and showed a picture of her phone, which for her counted as her identification.

Finally Rictor was removed from the flight and escorted by police officers to leave the terminal. The airline apologized through a statement for the incident and the delay it caused.

They also indicated that they are working with the local Police and the Transportation Security Administration to investigate the case, in addition to conducting their own investigation.

Security officials thoroughly checked all passengers on board, causing the plane to take off almost three hours later than scheduled. It has not been clarified whether charges have been filed against the woman.



Source: ActualidadRT