Aeroflot disagrees with media publications related to the deadly flight SU1492

Aeroflot flight SU1492Russian airline Aeroflot claims that the information disseminated by the media does not correspond to the reality, that the crew of flight SU1492 did not comply with instructions for landing at Sheremetyevo on May 5.

“The flaps were in the position corresponding to the landing procedure and in accordance with the existing system failure. In addition, the procedure first turns on the reverse, and then on a stable run on the runway interceptors are produced. Therefore, due to the lack of a stable run, the release of interceptors was not possible. It is necessary to add that the requirements for airworthiness standards for certification of aircraft are designed in such a way that, in any event, prevent the situation from deteriorating to a catastrophic one”, says the statement of the Russian airline.

Aeroflot points out that the Rosaviation document referenced by the media does not contain conclusions about the crew’s mistakes or about any violation of any instructions. Assessments and conclusions will be given by the appropriate authorities officially investigating the incident. Any other “conclusions” heard in a number of media are insinuations that are not relevant, including journalistic ethics.

“Dissemination of information in the media regarding the circumstances of the event being investigated, decoding of voice recorders, etc, is not allowed by current legislation until the investigation is completed. Any information for distribution in the media should be obtained only from the body conducting the investigation or with its permission”, said Aeroflot

Wings Herald recalls that on May 5, Aeroflot airplane SSJ100 burst into flames during an emergency landing at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, which caused the death of 41 people. The aircraft was performing flight SU1492 from Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport to Murmansk, but shortly after takeoff as hit by lighting and was forced to return to Moskow, were attempted to land. A total of 78 people were on board the airplane during the accident. Totally 37 people survived, while 41 were reported dead.

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