Aeroflot examines opportunity for buying tickets with crypto-currencies

AeroflotAeroflot announced a competition for the study of the crypto-currency market. According to the company, the carrier intends to determine the possibilities of using virtual money in payments for tickets and services. Based on the expert conclusion of the contractor, a decision will be made to introduce a system of payment for services in crypto-currencies.

The company’s research, according to the project documentation, will be held in seven stages. First, we will analyze the legal framework and legal possibility of payments in the crypto currency in Russia and the world. Then the contractor should investigate specific ways of introducing crypto-currency into Aeroflot’s settlement systems and assess the possibility of the company’s participation in trading on the relevant exchanges.

After working out the implementation scenarios, assessing threats and opportunities, the contractor will also have to explore the possibility of creating its own crypto-currency.

In total, the project is planned to spend 24.6 million rubles. The results of the competition will be announced on August 2, and the results of the survey will be presented to the management of Aeroflot on December 10.