Aeromexico Confirms That it did not Fire the Pilot Who Claimed AMLO

After the leak of an internal letter from the Mexican company, many began to speculate that Aeromexico had fired the pilot who claimed AMLO about the cancellation of Texcoco airport.

While the opposition licked its whiskers with unfounded accusations of presidential repression, the airline clarified the situation promptly: the aviator continues to work normally.

What is confirmed is that  they asked for a detailed report of that incident that went viral on national social networks.

“The Captain performs his duties normally on the airline today,” said the Aeromexico statement. “He was asked for a detailed report only and exclusively as part of the procedures established in the internal labor regulations.” 

The company emphasizes that the pilot issued personal opinions from the cockpit and ended up falling into behaviors that could affect the company.

In case you do not remember, on November 8, when AMLO was boarding an Aeromexico flight to Yucatan, the captain (later identified as Rafael Bolio) was well reminded the president of one of his most controversial decisions.

A special welcome to the president who accompanies us today, we hope he feels comfortable, that he enjoys the flight. Hopefully we can convince him to do the Texcoco airport, if it is not possible, well no way,” he  told the microphone.

The pilot’s message was received in applause and nothing fell in favor of our president.

“Saint Lucia!” The mature federal president said. “Everyone, honestly, I prefer Texcoco, but hey, that’s fine, nothing happens,” the pilot would respond in a later interview.

But well … in what the band fights on social networks, Aeromexico has already confirmed that the pilot who grabbed the microphone as if it were karaoke to broadcast his personal opinions continues to work normally.

With everything and that put the image of the company online and embarrassed the president for free.



Source: Sopitas