Air Canada Airbus A320 landed at San Francisco Airport despite several warnings

Air Canada Airbus A320Air Canada Airbus A320 with 140 people on board landed at the San Francisco International Airport in California despite a six-time warning from the dispatchers about the ban and a request to circumnavigate the air within the occupied corridor. The landing created a danger and near miss.

According to the US Federal Aviation Administration, the incident could result in the death of people. It occurred on Sunday with a flight number 781, which arrived from Montreal. Initially, the aircraft was given a “welcome” to land, but later was asked to wait until the runway was free of other aircraft. The aircraft crew did not responded the calls.

The air traffic control supervisor then used a flashing “red light gun” shined out from the control tower windows toward the plane to alert the crew to go around, Gregor said. Doing so is a standard procedure when an air crew does not respond to radio instructions.

However, the pilots ignored the indication of ground services and landed. By a lucky chance, no one was injured and there was no aircraft on the runway.

“After landing, the Air Canada crew told the tower they had a radio problem”, said the Federal Aviation Administration.

The investigation for the root cause of the accident is under way.