Air Crash Leaves One Person Dead and Nine Injured in Brazil

One person died and nine others were injured after the fall of a twin-engine aircraft that crashed on Thursday when they were about to land on the runway of a luxurious resort located in Barra Grande, one of the busiest spas in northeastern Brazil.

Authorities reported that the incident occurred when the plane crashed to the ground while attempting landing maneuvers and was immediately covered in flames.

Although the crew managed to get out of the plane after the incident, the police reported that the person who died was a woman who was trapped and was charred by the fire.

Among the injured were a minor; All those affected were immediately transferred to the health post in the town of Barra Grande.

It should be said that so far the identity of the survivors is unknown, as well as their current state of health.

Mayor spokesmen said several of them had serious injuries, including first and second degree burns.

Information from the authorities indicates that this Thursday the injured were transferred to the city of Salvador, capital of Bahia, where they would have better medical care.

To achieve the transfer, two helicopters and an aircraft of the Bahia Military Police with capacity for eight people were sent to the scene of the tragedy.

The crashed plane is a twin-engine Cessna C550 manufactured in 1981, owned by Brazilian businessman José João Abdalla Filho, who was not on the ship.

Witnesses of the tragedy saw when the plane took a turn in the air and then fell on the runway.

Others felt the rumble of the fall and saw a huge smoke coming out from the aircraft, as well as resort staff coming to help the victims.

So far the causes of the tragedy are unknown.



Source: Canalrcn