Air Force Pilot Makes Marriage Proposal from Space [VIDEO]

United States Air Force pilot recently took the opportunity to go a little above the world, with a very special marriage proposal.

Captain Stuart Shippee, of the 393rd Bomb Squad at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, proposed to his girlfriend Marie Lisman after launching a weather balloon into space with a ring that rose high above Earth, according to A recent press release. The proposal took place in August.

Together with friends and Lisman by his side, Shippee, a B-2 Spirit bomber pilot, launched the balloon with an imitation ring that flew up to 96,000 feet, according to Shippee’s video recording of the launch, now posted on YouTube.

Lisman thought that Shippee was sending a military challenge coin, but he changed it to the ring at the last minute, as the video shows.

Once the balloon exploded at high altitude, he traveled back to Earth, landing in a nearby cornfield, where Lisman and Shippee recovered it using a GPS system connected to the package.

Once he picked up the container, Lisman saw the decoy ring perched on a stand, while Shippee knelt down to propose marriage to the royal ring.

Shippee said he was happy to have made the experiments with weather balloons a personal hobby, allowing him to understand the mechanics of a successful launch.

“When I picked up the balloon load for the first time, I didn’t see the imitation ring until I looked down and [Shippee] was on his knees,” Lisman said.

“I’m speechless! After the long day and the difficult search for the payload, I was very happy that the end was so special.”


Watch the video down below:


Source: Laopinion