Air India switched to vegetarian menu during domestic flights

Air IndiaAir India switched to vegetarian menu in economy class during domestic flights on their airplanes. The airline still offer a wide range of free meals and snacks for passengers for international flights, depending on the time of day.

“Air India presently provides cold vegetarian snacks on flights of 60 to 90 minutes flights duration. Air India will now be serving proper hot vegetarian meals on these 60 to 90 minutes flights. There will be a review after obtaining passengers’ feedback. On flights exceeding 90 minutes, the present choice of veg and non-veg meals will continue”, released official statement the air carrier.

Air India was criticized for this decision. Actually many representatives of the Hindu majority are vegetarians, but some local minorities, for example, Muslims, eat meat, therefore the airline’s actions were perceived by many commentators as “discriminatory”. However, according to the airline switching to vegetarian menu during domestic flights was made, in particular, to reduce costs.

As of now, Air India serves sandwich (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian) and cake on its flights, which are up to 90 minutes of duration.

Earlier it was reported that British Airways canceled from January 11, 2017 free meals in economy class for flights on short distances.