Air Show Plane Crashes in the United States and Pilot is Unharmed [VIDEO]

The Canadian aircraft was heading to North American lands to provide an air show and when crashing, the pilot had to expel it.

The causes of the accident are not yet known.

In the United States, an aerobatic aircraft of the Canadian military forces crashed into an unpopulated area while heading to Atlanta to provide an air show.

The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon, October 13 around 1:30 p.m. North American time.

The presentations scheduled for the Atlanta Air Show were suspended by the organizers.

The aircraft known as ‘Snowbirds‘ fell in an unpopulated area of Georgia and its pilot, Captain Kevin Domon-Grenier, managed to remain safe, according to a publication of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

The institution reported through an official Twitter publication that the driver of the CT-144 Tutor training aircraft managed to land safely and is out of danger.

“Captain Kevin Domon-Grenier was forced to expel his plane shortly before the performance of @CFSnowbirds in Atlanta this afternoon.”

“Captain Domon-Grenier came to the ground safely and is fine. The plane fell into an unpopulated area and no one was injured,” reads the statement from the Canadian entity.

On the other hand, the page of the ‘Snowbirds‘ published in the social network a message of thanks to the followers who showed their concern and solidarity after the accident, while indicating that it is too early to clarify the causes of the event.

“It is too early to speculate on the cause of the incident. We are grateful that Kevin and the public are unharmed,” he reports.

Watch the viral YouTube video down below!

Source: Larepublica