Airbus acquires flight training facility in USA

Airbus A320 trainingAirbus acquires flight training facility in USA. The privately held flight training center based in Aurora, which now houses two A320 full flight simulators, will be expanded and transformed to the first ever West Coast training center of Airbus. The finance details of the transaction were not disclosed. Airbus said its new facility will train future pilots for airlines that buy new or operate current Airbus jets.

“The Aurora facility has significant room for growth”, said Airbus in official statement, adding that it “plans to at least double capacity at the facility” over the next several years.

“We want our Airbus flight training facilities to be easily accessible to our customers regardless of their location, hence this latest move”, said the Airbus head of services, Laurent Martinez. He explained that Airbus thinks its new business offers significant growth potential and plans to double the facility in a few years.

Airbus also has a North American flight training center in Mexico City.

According to analysts, Boeing may soon respond with similar acquisition, as aircraft manufacturers move to help their airline clients grapple with a critical global pilot shortage — and boost profits at the same time.