Airbus and International SOS develop drones for deliveries of medical supplies

AirbusAirbus and International SOS, a leading international company in the field of medical services and medical assistance, signed a memorandum of understanding to explore the possibilities of using aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver medical supplies.

“Within the framework of the agreement, Airbus will help to select and implement reliable schemes for the delivery of medical cargo by airplanes or unmanned aerial vehicles under the MedSupply program of International SOS. It includes the delivery of medical products and equipment, the provision of specialized medical services for the prevention of health and emergency care in the cities and remote regions. The companies will also explore the possibility of delivering medical goods from the city to the countryside and from sea to shore”, says the statement of Airbus.

Airbus and International SOS will cooperate in the safe, reliable and large-scale delivery of medical goods by drones from point A to point B in accordance with the requirements of local regulatory authorities. International SOS is engaged in emergency evacuation and medical supplies around the world.

“We hope to establish a close partnership with International SOS to deliver medical goods using unmanned aerial vehicles. Our state-of-the-art technologies will help save lives and transform the spheres of medical care and travel safety”, said the CEO of Airbus Defense and Space, Dirk Hoke.

Companies will explore the possibilities of delivering medical goods in Singapore and Indonesia. For this purpose they will cooperate with local civil aviation authorities and maritime authorities of both countries. If the tests are successful, International SOS will implement the air transportation of medical goods around the world. Within the framework of the memorandum, the companies will also consider the possibilities of cooperation in the field of mobile hospitals, space and satellite services.