Airline flydubai carried 70 million passengers for its 10 years history

flydubaiThe airline flydubai celebrates a decade of operations. The airline marked this event with the launch of a site where passengers share their memories of flights with flydubai. Over the past ten years, flydubai has opened up new travel opportunities. The airline is entering a new stage of its development thanks to steady growth, an improved offer for passengers and the opening of new markets that previously had a shortage in the direct flights from Dubai.

“The airline flydubai has come a long way since its first flight in 2009. Our flexibility, deep understanding of the changing needs of passengers and the commitment to launch direct flights on routes that previously lacked direct flights from Dubai allowed us to continuously develop our business model and services offered to become the airline that we are today”, said the CEO of the airline, Ghaith Al Ghaith. “Our mission from the day first was to provide convenient, reliable and affordable services, to strive to eliminate barriers to travel, create free trade and tourism flows, improve communication between different cultures. We stay true to this mission. Today our network includes 71 routes, where there was no direct connection with the United Arab Emirates before or it was not sufficiently developed. Serving these markets gives about 1.5 billion people the opportunity to travel with greater convenience through the international aviation hub, and also improves the accessibility of these countries for travelers from around the world”, added he.

In honor of the decade, the airline launched a special website where passengers can share their favorite travel memories with flydubai. This site shows what impressions flydubai has been giving to its passengers for the past ten years, visiting friends or relatives, traveling on business or simply enjoying a long-awaited vacation in various countries of the flydubai network. The airline invites all passengers to participate and share their favorite memories. Participants can win a trip for two on one of the flydubai routes. The airline plays 10 pairs of return tickets in economy class.

‚ÄúThis year we are celebrating our decade. On this occasion, I would like to look back, recall our key achievements and thank all colleagues at flydubai for their hard work. The growth and success of the airline would have been impossible without our dedicated and reliable team”, said also Ghaith Al Ghaith.

The airline flydubai flies to more than 90 destinations in 47 countries in Africa (12 routes), Central Asia and the Caucasus (10 routes), Europe (27 routes), Gulf and Middle East countries (26 routes), and the Indian subcontinent (18 routes). Since its launch in 2009, flydubai has transported more than 70 million passengers and noted a number of key milestones: from the introduction of the onboard entertainment system in 2010 to the business class in 2013, the placement of three aircraft orders and the announcement of an expanded partnership with Emirates.